How to Increase Testosterone Effects

Although testosterone is present in a woman’s body, it is men that badly require testosterone when it comes to the way that their body works. Those that have low testosterone levels often experience:

– Thinning of body hair.
– Softening of the nipple area.
– An overall lack of energy.
– A significant loss of libido.
– Various forms of sexual dysfunction and problems with performance.
– Increased anxiety levels.
– General moodiness.

All of these are directly tied into the amount of testosterone that you are able to produce. If your body has normal levels of the androgen, you will not experience any of those problems, because your body will be working in effective harmony.

For some people, these body changes are bearable – they are simply small changes that could be a result of aging. If your libido is only a little lower or your energy is only slightly less, then you are likely dealing with a bearable amount of low testosterone.

At the same time, if you experience severe amounts of these you may have medically low testosterone levels. Those that experience these problems may see that they are growing what appear to be women’s chests, and that their skin and hair is softening beyond normal levels. When this occurs, you are very likely to need some form of medical therapies in order to increase testosterone effects.

Whichever of these two you are experiencing, it is very likely you want to increase your testosterone levels quickly, before they get of control. There are not a great deal of ways that you can do this, however.

Increasing Testosterone

Once you realize that you are low in the amount of testosterone that your body is creating you may be looking for a way to increase testosterone levels (or, at the very least, improve testosterone effects). But increasing your testosterone levels is no easy task.

For example, anabolic steroids are one way that people choose to increase testosterone. But unless you have a medically relevant reason to use anabolic steroids, there are simply far too many negative side effects and health problems that arise for this to be a good option for you.

Another way to increase your testosterone levels is to exercise more. There is proof that good muscle exercising increases the amount of testosterone your body creates when your strength increases as well. Arguably, this is the best way to improve your testosterone levels because most of the replacement therapies are simply too dangerous.

There are testosterone replacement therapies designed to increase the effects of testosterone, but, like anabolic steroids, they can be unsafe and expensive. The best thing to do is see how much your low testosterone levels are effecting you – if it is dangerously low, consider getting yourself tested and getting testosterone therapy, and if it is not too low and the effects are bearable, consider exercising more often in order to increase your testosterone levels naturally without having to take any o the dangerous steroids and hormone treatments that are available.

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